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Should you go online

Creating an online presence is more important than ever. But the objective of an online store is not just creating a store or a digital catalogue. Your store is not just your online identity but a source of additional sales. Over 40% of global ecommerce sales are through marketplace like amazon, ebay and Walmart, so listing your products in these marketplaces are indispensable. This can be done either directly through standard seller account creation, registration and verification service for each platforms or through solution like the IsGoingOnline.

The proof of the pudding is the tasting. Let us take a few case studies of a few brands who have moved online in recent months.

Yoyo Flooring

Yoyo industries was founded in 1994 and have been developing solutions for the flooring industries like cleaners and protective coatings. was setup with the objective of online promotions in 2013 with hardly any traffic. When they decided to promote their store through a revamped store through IsGoingOnline in 2020, their monthly traffic has increased considerably by an order of 150%. Yoyo is currently enrolled in Amazon, Indiamart and YouTube.


Some of the popular PaaS options to build ecommerce stores are Shopify, Wix, WooCommerce, SquareSpace, Weebly and IsGoingOnline. All of them come with a basic set of features to set up online stores which include Catalog management, Shopping cart, shipping calculation, tax calculation, digital payments and order management. All of them ensure end-to-end security of the data that your online store handles.

French Terrain

French terrain is subsidiary of Woven fabric company with over 20 years of experience in garment manufacturing. FT started online sales in 2019 with hardly any sales but were able to boost in 2020 through a combination of Amazon and their own online store with a revised online store planned for 2021. They are currently servicing over USD 20000 per month online.

It is evident from these case studies that going online can be profitable and with the right strategy, it can be geared to boost online sales through an coordinated deployment plan for both 3rd party platforms as well as an exclusive store concept.

French terrain

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