How to improve your online store shopping experience

Every online store finds success by selling products and offering a good shopping experience to the customers.

I think it's safe to assume that you already have an online store and looking for ways to improve your customers' shopping experience.

Shopping experience of an online store starts when the customer visits an online store and stops when the same customer leaves with his purchases from the store.

shopping experience

What makes shopping experience an important factor for your online store?

Studies have shown that 73% of people point to shopping experience as an important factor in their purchasing decisions. Hence an online store with a good shopping experience helps to drive more customers to purchase your products and recommend your store to others.

Now, let's take a look at 6 ways to improve shopping experience of your online store.

Auditing your online store

For any e-commerce business, auditing your online store is the first step. Website audit helps to get detailed performance metrics of your online store. Tools like Pingdom, Google PageSpeed Insight will help you measure the loading time and performance of your webstore and to make necessary changes to speed up the website.

Making your online store mobile-friendly

Number of users accessing the internet using mobile devices are increasing exponentially. 79% of smartphone users do online shopping on their mobile devices. User interface and experience of your online store should be optimized for mobile screens. This makes having a mobile friendly online store very important.

Creating detailed product page

Your online store should have a detailed page for each item listed. Good quality images, product description with detailed specifications, listing related items including customer reviews will help increase purchase rates.

Adding a return policy

Having a return policy for your online store will make customers feel confident to make the purchase. This is a powerful way to turn a negative customer shopping experience positive for your online business.

Customer support

Ensuring best customer support will help create a healthy customer relationship and generate repeated sales for your online business.

Adding customer reviews

Adding genuine customer reviews on products help customers to make informed decisions. 70% of online buyers check what previous buyers say about the product before making a purchase. Having a review section will help customers rate and comment about their shopping experience as well as the product.

You should now be familiar with the ways to improve your online store shopping experience.

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